WhoreMongers and the Bible

In the Bible, it is one who “mongers” with “whores”; in other words, one who visits prostitutes.  But when you rad the literal translation of some of the bible passages referencing “whore-mongers”, you will see that is applies to ANYONE that engages in sexual intercourse outside of marriage.  In other words, every women having sex outside of marriage is a “whore”; and every man having sex is a “monger”.  I think in today’s vernacular, we would call them “adulterers”, but the Bible has it different!

As I read some of these passages, I find a few interesting points.

  1.  There is no difference if the sex was for “monetary gain” – it is still whore-mongering.
  2.  Sexual Immorality for the purpose of satisfying lust -it is still whore mongering.
  3.  Sex outside of marriage between two consenting partners – it is still whore mongering

So for those who like to quote from the Bible, remember, there is no difference between paying a stranger for sex or being in a dating relationship and have sex.  A man having sex with his long-time girlfriend is just as much of a whore-monger as a man who finds prostitutes on the street for sex!

See?  You mom told you to read the Bible!  Think of the things you missed!

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