What is Costa Rica’s Regulatory Bill for Airbnb, TripAdvisor & Booking.com

Deputies are pushing a bill to regulate hosting services accessed through digital platforms like Airbnb, TripAdvisor and booking.com. There are over 14,000 lodging options available on Airbnb. These include rooms, apartments, houses, chalets, bungalows and more. These non-traditional services should be held to the same rules, regulations and standards as hotels are, for the security of tourists and a level playing field, the deputies believe.

The bill would have owners of short term rentals register in a digital registry to be created by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. They would also have to register with the General Directorate of the Ministry of Finance to issue digital invoices and pay a 13% value added tax that has been established in the Law on Strengthening Public Finances.

The bill also proposes that owners of rentals would have to pay a fee between 10 and 80 percent of the base salary of a clerk of the Judiciary, according to the maximum capacity of guests at the premises.

The bill has been approved in the Economic Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly and now goes in the plenary with motions. Changes can still be made before putting it to a vote.

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