Volaris Costa Rica & Holiday Air Going Through Flight Certification Process

Costa Rica Travel – Volaris Costa Rica and Holiday Air are both moving along in the certification process to operate commercial flights.

volaris flights costa ricaThey will join another Costa Rican airline, Air Costa Rica, which was approved in the end of 2015 but has not started services still.

Both airlines are at phase four of five to obtain their Certificate of Exploitation and Air Operation by the Technical Council.

Volaris will feature Costa Rican staff. It will fly to Mexico and Central American locations at first and later incorporate routes to South America and the United States. Operations are to start in August with a flight to Guatemala City. There are already 30 employees and this should increase to 200 by mid-2017.

Volaris plans to offer lower rates than other airlines such as Aeromexico and the service can’t possibly be worse than that of Aeromexico!

Air Costa Rica already has permission to operate in Costa Rica but is requesting permits in Guatemala, Panama, Colombia and Peru. They were given three months to get them and then received a small extension. If they cannot get them, their license may be revoked.

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