The Unfortunate Education of Civil Marine Engineering Students in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The University of Costa Rica opened a path of study without the legal backing to allow those who study it to practice. This now leaves 130 students of Civil Marine Engineering unable to graduate although many have completed all their coursework.

It is a scam to the students who have worked very hard.

The deputy of the Citizen Action Party criticizes the university authorities for delays in the international procedures needed. One of the requirements in question is the Convention on Maritime Labor of the International Labor Organization, which has been shelved in the Legislative Assembly since 2013.

The university offered this plan of study and must find a solution for the students. The deputies of the Limón Commission granted the university authorities 15 days to submit a work agenda to obtain the four pending requirements and end the uncertainty.

One option being looked into is working with the embassies of Honduras, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, countries that have all the permits, and allowing the students to graduate in those countries.

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