The Fun of Adult Costa Rica

costa rica adult map

Each number above represents number below DUH…

Those locations that have the same number assigned are in very close proximity to each other. 

The red listings are for the pleasure seeker in us and

… the black are for restaurants, hotels, museums etc…  

NOTE if you have not visited in a while click refresh so you get the latest map. Enjoy!!


3- Key Largo (Returning to the days of glory..check it out)
4- Idem & Eros Across the street from each other.
5- 747 and a new club next door called “Cha Cha Cha” 6000 col.
for half hour and 12000 for an hour.
7- New location for New York Bar
8- Centro Massaje (5000 to 9000 Col for the hour)
9- Camelot Bar
10- Arte Y Sauna
11- Krysis
12- Olympus
13- Nothing I am superstitious……..
14- Vips # 2 (Molino Rojo)
15- Josephine’s
16- Peluqueria Bikini (Topless Barber/ cut first sex after)..We
could all use a little trim right? (warning– quality reported as
18- Dollhouse  (strip joint)
19- VIPS # 1 (1000 Col cover and 5500 for the hour)
24- La Bella Mansion (4500 col for 30 minutes)
25- Joselyn’s
(500 Col. cover includes drink and 6000 col for 1/2 hour
26- “Pension” written vertically on the door.  2800 colones for
bbbj and swallow.  Thanks to
Don Gordo for this one!!!!!!!!!!
27- Bar Dandy
28- Siboney massaje
29- Sala Vilma (to see location see “Bigmap” link at top of page.
Located on far left on “Big Map”)
30- Mary’s  1321 Avenida 8
    (masage parlor 6000 Col for 1/2 hr, 8000 for full hour)
31- Hotel Bachata
32- Tentaciones
33- Europa 2000 (6000 Col 1/2 hr and 10,000 for 1 hr and for you
sickos 16,000 Col for 1 hr Lesbo show. Yes you can join in)
34- Sala De Belleza (same setup as # 30)
35- New Lucy’s
37- Miss Caribe
52- Club 40 (5000 Col for 1/2 hour)
53- Hotel Park (great lesbian shows Fri & Sat nights)
1- Hotel Morazan (also Casino Tropical- Now allowing girls to work there!!!!)
2- Hotel Del Rey (Same as Blue Marlin Bar)
17- Mariscar (Costa Rican Local Restaurant)
20- Tin Jo Very good Chinese Reataurant
21- Costa Del Sol  Good Italian Restaurant
23- Internet Cafe
36- Hotel La Amistad Inn (Near Ave 9 Calle 15)
38- Hotel Don Carlos (Ave 9 & Calle 9)
39- National Museum (Calle 17 between Central & ave 2)
41- El Pueblo Shopping Center (Discos and many shops/
restaurants) Note Infinito has moved across
the street to “La Plaza”. Same as before
42- Cathedral
43- National Theater
44- Modern Art and Design Museum
45- National Library (Thoughout time a great place to
meet ladies)
46- Congress
47- Plaza Democracia
48- Train Station Museum
49- Hospital (hey why not?  gotta have cute nurses)
51- Hotel La Gran Via  (across from Gran Hotel)
55- New Fantasy Massage  Ave 9 between calle 7 & 9.
6000 Col for 30 min and 12000 for the hour.



If you are looking for more information, check out these free forums.  Remember, there is enough information available on the web that you don’t need to pay for access.


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