The Dangers of Injectable Cosmetics in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – We need to be cautious when using cosmetic products that could have a medical purpose because they are often advertised as cosmetic to avoid having to be authorized by the Ministry of Health.

For example, the products of the PB Serum brand are registered as cosmetics and their intradermal use is not authorized, yet many are being injected with them to burn the fat in the skin and shape the face.

The Directorate of Health has issued a health alert advising the public that they should not use PB Serum as an injectable. This alert was published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health.

The injected use of this product can expose the user to serious risk and even death. There is no certainty regarding the conditions in which they have been manufactured and packaged as there is with approved injectables.

It is recommended that anyone who knows of someone offering this service put in a complaint at

At least five malpractice cases regarding aesthetic surgeries are being investigated. In one, the patient died.

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