Renovated Railway Station Reopens in Costa Rica

The renovated railway station in Heredia has been inaugurated as of the reopening ceremony held on Friday. The Municipality invested ¢348 million in restoring the deteriorated historical building.

It was built in the 1870s and then altered in 1905. The original bahareque walls were covered with wooden slats and the structure was expanded to the west. Today, the 6,500 users who visit the station daily will be able to see details from the original design.

There are so many details to discover in the windows, walls, floors, bleachers, pipes and hallways. There are windows into history throughout the building. Some details from the various stages are covered with glass to protect them.

Visitors can see where the bahareque ends and the wood begins. The original wood and paint colors can be observed. There are also benches made from the foundation of the building.

Part of the renovation includes new bathrooms and a bicycle parking lot.

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