Regulating Costa Rica Zoos & Rescue Centers

Costa Rica News – People have demanded more dignified conditions for animals in Costa Rica.

A new regulation brings both zoos and rescue centers to order, with higher standards. Centers and zoos will have six months to work on a plan to comply with provisions of the new regulation.

Rescue centers that are registered as non-profits must be closed to the public, thus avoiding contact with humans which will ideally lead to more injured animals being treated and released.

Animals being released must undergo lab tests to rule out the presence of pathogens that could infect the wild population.

If a rescue center exhibits animals and allows visits it should also register as a zoo and follow the new regulations for zoos. These include specifically designed cages, enclosures and safety barriers as well as a room just for food preparation, a clinic and a quarantine room.

SINAC details protocols to deal with situations where people and dangerous animals like crocodiles and raccoons interact. SINAC also requires budgets that include emergency care, training, and other details.

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