Reflecting the Caribbean Soul; Costa Rica’s New Municipal Building in Limon

Costa Rica News – The new municipal building of Limon is to be inaugurated this August 30th. It’s a five-story structure that cost ¢2 billion.

It was worth it, because it truly reflects the Caribbean soul.

The traditional Victorian-Caribbean style architecture of the region is characterized by high ceilings and guardrails, details which are present in the new building. The structure is made with special glass that prevents birds from flying into it.

It’s located in the center of the city just 100 meters north of the stadium.

It’s a colorful corner building that was built in less than a year and a half. It’s 2,400 square meters. It will be used starting September 1st.

90 employees will work there. They are coming from four different sites. The building will have an outdoor dining room and gym for employees.

The inauguration comes right before the celebrations of Afro-Costa Rican Culture.

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