Protecting the Pilgrimage in Costa Rica

Pilgrims will soon be on their way to Cartago and unfortunately so will scammers. The police warn the faithful to make the journey without valuables and to keep phones and wallets in front bags. 

There will by over 1,000 police, along with crossing guards, firefighters, the red cross, and transit police. Still, the authorities warn that they have been made aware of a plan to scam pilgrims. 

There will be elderly people dressed in poor clothing pretending to be from far away and lost looking for an address. Be advised not to help anyone find an address. Instead, tell them to ask the police for help in order to avoid becoming a victim of robbery or assault. Stay on the main road in the company of others. 

Last year, at least 30 complaints were received for crimes during the pilgrimage. The Ministry of Security is strengthening its forces for August 1-3 to protect the pilgrims. The police will be on bicycles, motorcycles and foot.

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