Pilgrimage to Costa Rica’s Ujarrás Ruins

Faithful pilgrims returned once more to the ruins of Ujarrás yesterday starting at 7am. They started at the church in Paraíso de Cartago and traveled to the historic ruins of Ujarrás.

The caravan full of devout patrons took an 11 kilometer route toward the park with the emblematic ruins. The event was full of songs and prayers. The image was transferred to its old temple, led by the bishop of the diocese of Cartago, Mario Enrique Quirós.

Many people made elaborate altars to adorn the ceremony and show their devotion. One of them was made by the local Public Force. The Police adorned the facade of their headquarters.

The pilgrimage dates back to 1666. Some say that the virgin drove away the pirates who came to invade Cartago while other traditions say that she saved the country from a smallpox epidemic. The pilgrimage was carried out in 1666 and 1690 and became an annual tradition starting in 1920.

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