Pet Burial & Cremation in Costa Rica

The loss of a beloved pet can be made a little more bearable by various private companies that offer burial and cremation services for pets.

Many pets are laid to rest in the Animal Garden Cemetery, in Cartago. Marble plates with messages from family members line the garden in Quebradilla de Cartago. The veterinarian in charge dedicates part of an extensive farm for the remains of pets from all over the country. Plants are sown in honor of each pet. Buried there are fish, snakes, parrots, horses, dogs, cats, and a goat.

Tierras Enamoradas Hotel also dedicates an area for burying pets. They hand paint stones to remember each pet. It’s an open space where the family can visit the grave at any time.

Another option is cremation service, offered by Plaza Mascotas and Silencio y Paz. The family has the option to take the ashes home in an urn to keep the pet with the family in a way.

Saying goodbye in a sensitive ritual can make a difference in how we handle the pain. Showing our companions respect and love in their final resting place brings comfort to families. Such rituals allow us to honor the company, coexistence and love of our pets.

Here are the phone numbers for the services mentioned:

Garden Animal Cemetery: 8359-0202
Lands in Love: 2447-9331
Plaza Mascotas: 8990-8655
Silencio y Paz: 2260-5543

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