Manqala; Beers & Table Games in San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Manqala is one of the best bars in San Jose.

It opened last December with the idea of offering craft beers and over 250 table games to the clientele. Playing a table game is a great way to meet people.

The bar is in Barrio Dent, 100 meters south of the Cultural Center. The atmosphere is pleasant and fun. Alejandro Quirós is the administrator. He is a big fan of table games, with 110 games in his personal collection.

He based the idea for the bar on the Canadian restaurant Snakes and Laggers. He partnered with Roy González and Carlos Camacho and the rest was history. A bar where you can enjoy boards, dice and cards was born.

Interestingly, the place has staff dedicated to explain how to play the games. The waiters wear black and those in gray make game recommendations and explain the rules. Fine craft beers complete the picture.

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