Mafalda Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Mafalda, a famous caricature who has been loved for over five decades, has been in the Children’s Museum since December and the exhibition has been extended giving us a chance to see it until January 28th.

5,000 people have seen The World According to Mafalda so far and it’s been a hit. The 650 square meter exhibition has 13 modules where old and young can rediscover the beginnings of the comic strip and immerse themselves in Mafalda’s world.

It carries themes of the analytical power of the question and investigation and making a change as a society.

It can be seen during the normal museum hours and also at a special activity called Soup Night, in which visitors will enjoy a special soup menu, music from the 70s, a guided tour of the 13 modules, a souvenir, and some surprises.

This will be offered on a few nights, for 50 visitors per night.

Tickets can be purchased at

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