How Much Will It Cost You To Hit a Train While Driving in Costa Rica?

As of this Wednesday, there are more severe sanctions meant to reduce crashes at railway crossings. Many people do not know that, according to Traffic Law, you must stop at a train crossing even if there are no needles and even if no train is coming. You always have to stop.

There is a fine of ¢318,000 for drivers who hit the train, ¢215,000 for those who damage needles, traffic lights or sirens at railway crossings, and ¢107,000 for anyone who disrespects the stop sign without hitting the train or blocking its passage.

Additionally, those who hit the train will lose six points on their license, forcing them to take road awareness and reeducation classes before being allowed to renew their license. Those who damage the safety devices will lose four points. Drivers will also have to bear the cost of repairing the damages.

Authorities are working on a more expeditious process for the Costa Rican Railway Institute to collect for damages. These damages often affect the public transport system by taking units out of circulation for months.

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