Guide to Costa Rica Sports Groups & Teams

The guide to athletics teams in Costa Rica has a list of 60 options compiled. Whether you are looking to socialize and learn the basics of running technique or run marathons or mountain races, there’s sure to be an option for you.

Those looking for a team or guide or wanting to switch teams can consult the list to find one in their province and canton. It provides the address, training schedule, name of coach or manager, phone number, and email or Facebook. You can see the guide here:

Most teams offer monthly training plans to members. They are created by a professional. Some of the managers are professionals in physical education, human movement sciences, or athletics while others are experienced runners who want to help others.

The plans can be personalized by each member’s capacity and availability. Many of the teams carry out long distance runs on weekends to explore new parts of the country. Some teams also participate in functional training classes, yoga, and nutrition counseling. The monthly cost is typically between ¢12,000 and ¢60,100.

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