Cranes At Costa Rica Shipping Port Still Not Functioning

Costa Rica News – On August 29th we all saw the arrival of two Post-Panamax cranes to the port of Moín, Limón.

The press was there along with neighbors and multiple government authorities. The Port Administration and Economic Development Board of the Atlantic Coast (Japdeva) invited them.

The equipment left China on June 22. It is valued at $16 million and was purchased with the aim of increasing the number of containers that Japdeva moves per hour and thus increasing the entity’s revenues.

However, five months later the cranes are not being used due to electrical and mechanical problems. For every day they are not in use, the port entity loses out on $25,000 for loading and unloading of boats in Limón dock.

The supplier of the equipment has not been able to bring the spare parts from Spain because the failures coincided with Christmas. The contractor will solve the problem around the third week of February.

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