Costa Rica’s Low Rates for Death’s By Chronic Illness

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is the Latin American country with the fewest premature deaths due to chronic illnesses.

The risk of dying before age 70 of heart disease or cancer is just 11.1%, whereas the world average is 18.8%.

The country is second best in all of the Americas with this figure, being beaten only by Canada. It also ranks 19th best in the whole world.

The best is Iceland and the worst are New Guinea and Turkmenistan.

Costa Rica actually lists chronic diseases as the leading cause of death, claiming 83% of the deaths, but nine out of ten of these deaths occur in those over age 75 which makes them considered natural deaths.

Costa Rica gives everyone medical coverage. There are not cases in which insurance runs out or someone is turned away because of a preexisting condition. This leads to better treatment of chronic diseases.

The country also offers services like nutrition counseling and exercise programs in communities.

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