Costa Rican Natalia Álvarez Joins ESPN

Costa Rica News – Natalia Álvarez celebrates her 30th birthday with signing a contract for ESPN as a sports journalist. This dream job is perfect for her, one of the most recognized communicators in Costa Rica. She will head to Mexico for the position.

She started with Teletica Deportes in 2013 and stood out for her effort and knowledge. She started knowing just the basics but put in a lot of time studying. It paid off.

She’s now just days away from her move to Mexico to cover sports in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

She’s very happy to have found her passion, saying that finding what you like is a treasure. She’s thankful for the opportunity to be part of the team she’s joining and eager to start the job.

Her priority is work and continuing to develop professionally.

She plans to visit her family on some weekends. She enjoys having coffee with her mom and going out dancing with her cousins.

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