Costa Rica Saprissa Soccer Players Were Not Drunk

12 Saprissa players became sick after being infected by Salmonella. This happened while in El Salvador on a trip through the Concacaf League. A total of 16 people from the institution were affected. 

Salmonella infection is a disease transmitted by food contaminated with bacteria. Foods that frequently carry the bacteria include veal, poultry, eggs, milk, and unwashed fruits and vegetables. 

Those affected by the Salmonella poisoning were incapacitated for eight days but are now back to training but in a medically guided way building up to a normal schedule and intensity. 

Due to the time they were sick, they had to reschedule two games. The one against Heredia was changed to October 12 and the one against the U for September 14. The team will be able to play Grecia at the National Stadium at 1 pm on Sunday as originally scheduled. 

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