Cost of Private School in Costa Rica

The monthly fees in Costa Rican private schools are very high, ranging from ¢200,000 to ¢400,000 (higher than the average salary!).

A fair of private schools was held at the National Stadium this Saturday. 15 educational centers participated.

Parents got to see options for kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools to fit various needs their children might have. The main questions parents asked were about tuition, language offerings and teaching methods.

Some of the schools offer added benefits like sports equipment, swimming pools, gyms, computer rooms, robotics labs and special workshops. In the case of babies, early stimulation is offered. Languages offered include English, French and German.

Humboldt High School offers an additional year in which one can leave with the German high school certificate, opening up many opportunities in Europe. Students can also do an exchange program in Germany.

The Nuestra Senora de Sion School offers intensive English and students can be certified in Microsoft and Computer Security.

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