Tigo Faces $500,000 Lawsuit for Released Audio of Customer

Costa Ricca News – Eugenia Cartin, last month, described being harassed following the release of the audio of her call to Tigo’s customer service on social networks.

She officially presented a civil suit against Tigo on Friday.

The suit calls for $500,000 for moral damages and material damage. The translator also filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office to establish those responsible for putting the recording on social networks.

Tigo stated in a press release that it will not refer “to the merits of the interposed lawsuit.” Tigo did reach out to apologize to Ms. Cartin but now refers all questions to its lawyers.

The woman’s first intention is for Tigo and other companies to learn to respect their customers.

She understands why calls must be recorded but they should never reach social networks.

Costa Rica’s School Made of Bamboo

Costa Rica News – In Osa, a school made of bamboo has been raised in the middle of the forest.

The school aims to teach 50 children about much more than mathematics and Spanish.

It will also  them environmental values.

The material is all harvested from the area. It is resistant and versatile. It is especially suitable for warm humid weather as it does not accumulate heat and it does favor natural ventilation.

The school measures 500 square meters which will include two classrooms, health services, a dining room and other multipurpose spaces.

The electricity will be provided by solar panels and rainwater will be used.

The project costs ¢148 million and was financed by the Institute of Rural Development. It coordinated with the Ministry of Public Education.

The construction should be finished in May.

Justin Bieber “Appearance” in Costa Rica Causes Mahem

Costa Rica News – Multiplaza Escazu became a madhouse Sunday night when mall shoppers noticed that “Justin Bieber” was among them.

A young woman in sweater, hat and sunglasses accompanied by two burly bodyguards ignited the madness.

However, what seemed like a dream fulfilled for many Tico fans, turned out to be a prank.

The well-known YouTuber, Krizz Solano, who is known for imitating “the Bieb” was the person many mistook for the Canadian singer and songwriter.

“I’ve always been a fan…I saw of pranks that people do in countries like in the United States and Europe when he (Beiber) will be in concert. That was my motivation to do it,” Krizz mentioned.

To make the prank credible, Krizz, her manager Juan José Fonseca and the entire production team came up with the plan some months ago.

“We got bodyguards and a car like the one he (Justin) uses. We put up some kids to say it was Justin and the frenzy started,” said Juan José.

The result was overwhelming. Krizz never thought that hundredse would crowd together to have their “idol” close at hand.

“We entered two stores. While I was in the first one people noticed what was happening and from outside they screamed and even cried. There were people of all ages,” Krizz said.

When more and more people arrived, the mall’s security made a security curtain so that “Justin” was unharmed. Leaving the mall fans yanked the dark glasses and cap she wore.

“I know a lot of people did not like this, but it turned out superb, I never thought it would be like this. I feared for my life when I left the place, we did not think it would be at that level,” Krizz said.

The YouTuber asked fellow Bieber fans ‘not to take it so serious’.

“I tell people to take it easy, everybody pulls pranks…it was a joke…they took it so seriously…,” said Krizz.

The real Justin Beiber will be at the National Stadium in La Sabana tonight (Monday), starting at 7:00pm.

And so will Krizz.

From QCostaRica

Costa Rica Welcomes 5 New Casual Dining Restaurants in the First Quarter of 2017

Costa Rica Food & Dining – The Costa Rican gastronomic offer has been strengthened during this first quarter by the arrival of five new casual restaurants. SantaKalaka, Nacionsushi, Porto 8 Premium Seafood, Lizarran and 100 Montaditos are new to our market.

Despite having just months on the market, they are already considering expansion. That shows we like to have these new options and frequent them and that the companies are making their concepts attractive to Ticos.

Porto 8 opened in Plaza Templo, Escazu, a resort. It made an investment of $350,000 and hired 15 people.

Lizarran was inaugurated in Plaza Real, Alajuela in January. It has not provided investment and employment data. It does, however, plan to open 70 international points this year.

After Lizarran, a second Spanish franchise arrived. It’s called 100 montaditos. It hired 30 people and has a capacity for 298 people in the Terrazas Lindora commercial complex in Santa Ana.

Another was the Panamanian franchise Nacionsushi. It began by investing $600,000 and hiring 25 for its first location in Escazu Village.

Lastly, we have Santa Kalaka opened last month at Multiplaza Escazu, with an investment of $320,000 and hired 16 employees. It’s a taqueria created by Mexican investors.

Will A New ATV License Law Hinder Off-Road Tours?

Costa Rica News – Canatur is very clear about on which side of the debate to be.

They are all for allowing the handling of motorcycles and ATVs by those with a B1 license, that is the license for a normal size car.

The traffic law currently allows it but changes to this law are being considered.

Many in the government believe that the law should be changed, insisting that the initiative to modify it is for the objective of improving road safety and saving lives.

On one hand, changing the law would severely hinder many tour companies that rent out ATVs to tourists to travel on mountain roads.

On the other hand, most accidents that occur in Costa Rica (80%) involve motorcycles so there is something to be said for the lack of training needed to ride one. No one has to do a driving test to ensure he knows how to operate a motorcycle.

A second debate and the final vote will be held soon.

NASA, Costa Rica & The Global Impact Challenge

Costa Rica News – Two Ticos are about to polish their new projects with some help at the NASA headquarters.

Both of them were living abroad but thinking of how to better their country. Their ideas won them the Global Impact Challenge.

This competition is of innovative projects that seek to solve global problems using technology. The winners will attend a 10-week training at the Ames Research Center, NASA’s research center in California.

Marical Saenz proposed a platform to monitor boats engaged in illegal activities such as illegal fishing, human trafficking and drug trafficking. It would get satellite images and notify the coast guard.

Arnoldo Muller made an app that motivates shared and safe transport. It will reduce vehicle traffic as well as promote social contact.

72 people from the region were nominated, most from Costa Rica.

The rest of 10 finalists will visit other technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Costa Rica Detains Somali with Alleged Terrorism Links

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica detained a Somali citizen suspected of “international terrorism” after he entered the Central American country from neighboring Panama, Costa Rica’s security ministry said on Thursday.

photo provided by the Ministry of Public Security. Costa Rica

U.S. authorities “confirmed that the person is allegedly linked to international terrorist organizations and sought his immediate detention to begin investigating the case,” the ministry said in a statement.

Costa Rican authorities identified the suspect as a 25-year-old with the last names Ibrahim Qoordheen, who entered the country on Monday through the border town of Paso Canoas, 358 kilometers (222 miles) south of the capital.

After consulting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Costa Rican officials on Wednesday arrested the individual, who had been transferred to a migrant shelter.

He is currently in police custody in the capital city of San Jose awaiting interrogation by ICE officials who are currently in Panama and while his immigration status is being defined, the ministry said.

(Reporting by Enrique Andres Pretel; Editing by Alden Bentley, Bernard Orr)

From Reuters,com

San Jose, Costa Rica Makes Top 20 Emerging Cities

Costa Rica News – San Jose made the list of the top 20 most important emerging cities of the whole world.

They are not listed in any particular order or rank. A total of 50 cities were considered for the list.

The most developed global cities within emerging markets were examined in a new strategic report titled Cities of the Future: champions within emerging markets, which was presented in August.

Costa Rica’s capital city stood out in aspects like a modern lifestyle, use of Internet, and high demand for quality products. Other aspects in consideration included telecommunications and travel systems as well as education.

Some other Latin American cities on the list include Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and São Paulo.

Despite being in underdeveloped regions, these 17 cities are characterized by elements of developed markets. Kuala Lumpur, Budapest, Warsaw, San Jose, Santiago, Dubai and Shanghai are cost-attractive options with great talent pools and quality of business.

Costa Rica Placing Regulations on Tuna Fishing

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is to charge fishermen more because of the exploitation of the tuna market, which is valued at $50 million.

The new regulations are part of a decree that the Government presented after a 10-day public consultation.

The delivery of authorizations to fishing vessels used to be based simply on how much product the boat could hold. Now, the license cost will take into consideration the volume to be exploited and market situation (volume and prices).

The new cost has not yet been announced but it will rise to meet the reality of the market, in which the value of the product is worth much more than would be expected for such a low cost license.

The new model seeks also to guarantee the supply of raw material for the national industry, guaranteeing productive activity and competitive conditions.

It will do this by tying the license to a certain amount of tuna that can be caught, limiting the quantity fished for.

Google Street View & The Beauty of Costa Rica’s Coco Island

Costa Rica News – Google Street View has captured the beauty of Costa Rica’s Isla del Coco with cameras.

Alonso Tenorio

Google is now on the island capturing images from this scenic natural beauty as part of Street View’s arrival to the country.

The famous service is a built in feature in Google Maps, Google Maps for mobile and Google Earth in many countries.

It allows users to explore the world through 360 degree images on the street as if the person himself were walking.

The program recently, in August of 2016, got permitted for operations in Costa Rica. It is seeking to display natural sites as well as historical monuments, universities and more.

There is not yet a set date to release the images being captured.

The mechanism for taking the images is done with cars, bikes and even people carrying backpacks, depending on the terrain. Faces and license plates will be blurred.