Gringo Left to Die by Costa Rica Police and Paramedics

This as one person commented….” WTF we walked 7 seven miles to rescue someone. There is no rescue that should not be attended to. This is shear laziness and absolute B.S.” On Friday officers with the Fuerza Publica discovered the lifeless body of a foreign man who had accidentally driven his four-wheel drive vehicle off a cliff the night before.

According to a statement, police officers responded to a call of a body discovered lying in the middle of the road in an area described as “the exact spot where an injured man had been seen and reported to them the night before”.

According to one ” The head of Osa Fuerza Publica, clarified that he was out of town when the first call came in and does not believe that there was any negligence involved. The absence of available 4×4 vehicles was blamed for lack of rescue efforts.” What a terrible excuse.

Consistent with information collected from the 9-1-1 database, at 9:41 p.m. on Thursday, a call came from a man, who reported seeing a person on the side of the road while passing through the area on a motorcycle. Allegedly the caller did not remain with the accident victim out of fear that he was being set up for a robbery.

It wasn’t until 5:52 the following day emergency services were reminded of the man seen dying on the side of the road, when another person called in to report the crash. Eight hours after the first report was called in emergency services were dispatched to the area where the foreigner was pronounced dead on the scene.

The deceased American, later identified as 58 year old Brian Dean, was apparently able to free himself from his mangled vehicle and crawl 75 meters up the cliff and back onto the road. However, due to the severity of his injuries, was only able to walk a few hundred meters before resigning himself to lying down and dying alone in the middle of the dark street.

Martín Morera, head of Osa Fuerza Publica, clarified that he was out of town when the first call came in and does not believe that there was any negligence involved. The absence of available 4×4 vehicles was blamed for lack of rescue efforts.

From the, Edited by the Costa Rican Times

Costa Ricans Event Syrup to Help Poisoned Animals

Costa Rica News – Ticos have made an important invention, one that will save the lives of many animals. It’s a syrup that would be given to a pet if it had consumed something poisonous.

It would cause the animal to vomit up the poison.

This would not cure the animal but would stabilize it enough to give time to get it to a veterinarian for further care. Inducing vomiting would reduce the effects of the toxic substance.

The syrup is made from a plant sown in the north of Costa Rica. The type of plant has not been disclosed as they are in the process of patenting it.

Catalina Rosales is the researcher in charge and works with a team from the Center for Research in Biotechnology of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica. Veterinarian Edwin Marín is helping in the process.

The syrup includes a high concentration of sugar to make it desirable for dogs. Toxicity tests have already been carried out. Tests will be carried out on dogs to verify the emetic effect but no animals will be poisoned in the tests.

Were NFL cheerleaders Sexually Exploited in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – NFL cheerleaders report sexual exploitation on their trip to Costa Rica to shoot a calendar.

The cheerleaders for the Redskins of Washington were here in 2013 for a photo shoot.

Several men, including sponsors and box owners, were invited to observe it although they were topless or in body paint. During one session, several girls made a human barricade to cover a girl from the observers.

Additionally, after a 14-hour workday, nine cheerleaders were told by the squad’s principal that they had a special assignment, having been chosen by the sponsors as escorts to an evening at a bar.

Many of the cheerleaders on the trip chose not to return to the team for the next season because they felt unprotected.

Uber Eats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Uber Eats works with over 350 food businesses in Costa Rica. Both large and small companies and restaurants, and even convenience stores, find the platform to increase sales by offering delivery to customers’ homes.

The service is new, having started just four months ago. It operates in San Jose and Heredia and plans to expand. It works similarly to how Uber transports people. Each month the platform grows in numbers with great reviews from clients and businesses.

Aside from offering convenience to customers, it brings new clientele to businesses they might not have otherwise sought out. It opens a window of exposure and is, in a way, free advertising.

The service has even become an attractive option for large food chains like Quiznos, Teriyaki and Smashburger. It is ever increasing the menu to keep it as varied as possible.

Costa Rica Delays Immigration Fine Implementation….Again

Costa Rica News – As it is with Costa Rica and most governments implementing new policies Costa Rica is still trying to figure out this one in regards to immigration.

We’ve heard that foreigners will be charged $100 for each month they overstay their visa in the country. It’s even been said they will not be allowed to enter the country again for three times the amount of time they were here illegally.

All of this, however, has been suspended again. The collection is not going to start for another 12 months. This is because authorities face technical difficulties in applying the sanctions and are asking deputies to approve a reform.

The current wording is confusing because it includes temporary residents and special categories whereas the sanctions should only apply to non-residents. Other adjustments will also be made to enable the collection of the fines in migratory posts.

A possible change to the text may also reference a fine for foreigners who have an expired Immigration Identity Document for Foreigners (DIMEX). The reform has been in the works for two years.

Costa Rica’s Double Tax on Things Bought Abroad

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican government is trying to get money anyway they can and as we all know getting money back from any government is a long and tedious process.

The Ministry of Hacienda has its work cut out. It needs to change a plan to charge value added tax (VAT) on all purchases abroad. This is because the current plan makes almost no sense at all.

As is, the plan is that all goods and services paid for abroad with a Costa Rican card will be taxed 13%. This poses so many problems. First, if someone buys a pair of shoes online they would have to pay the tax at the time of purchase as well as in customs and then go to request a refund for the double charge. If someone travels abroad, the tax is charged but doesn’t apply. They would be charged for every purchase, every hotel stay, every restaurant and then have to return to Costa Rica to claim refunds.

The Ministry of Finance, along with banks, are looking for a solution as these problems function as disincentives to use the cards. Some adjustments will have to be made. One option is that perhaps one could show proof of paying the tax when they go to customs so as not to pay it twice.

Another option is to separate out the “cross-border services,” such as Uber and Netflix that the Government wants to tax, instead of taxing everything and then giving refunds.


Costa Rica’s Famous FBI Dog Dies

Costa Rica News – Aquiles, the OIJ’s trained dog, has died at age 9.

This bloodhound participated in over 280 investigations. He was even certified to conduct research throughout all of Latin America.

The special dog was trained in detecting blood and human remains. The Judicial Investigation Agency confirmed that he died on Wednesday morning.

His career started when he found the remains of a Mexican journalist in Bello Horizonte de Escazú.

He is best known for playing a large part in the investigations of the Liberia massacre, where five college students were murdered last year. He was the one who found traces of blood used to convict Gerardo Ríos Mairena to 216 years in prison for the crime.

His work was also vital the year before in discovering a buried body in Purral de Goicoechea. It was buried a meter and a half deep but his sense of smell didn’t fail.

Round Trip Flights to Costa Rica At $225

Costa Rica Travel – It’s a good time to be locking in your summer vacation between $99 flights to Icelandand $300 round-trip fares to Hawaii. Add Costa Rica to the list of discounted destinations, as highlighted Thursday by Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Costa Rica Looks Good Against Scotland in Soccer Friendly

Costa Rica Sports – After a five-game drought, the “La Sele” finally takes a win. Costa Rica won the game against Scotland, 1-0 in Glasgow.

This is a joyful moment but, experts warn, it should not be taken to mean the team can now take it easy.

Scotland didn’t put up much of a fight. Still, it was good practice for the World Cup and a definite confidence booster.

The game, especially the first half, was impressive. Marco Ureña’s goal was, of course, the highlight. Bryan Oviedo and Daniel Colindres combined well on various occasions. The order in defense worked, despite changes.

Colindres in the starting lineup was a good choice.

There are a few improvements to make based on this game. For instance, the match had only two direct shots. Then there’s the aspect of giving away possession of the ball in the second half. T

his happened with very little pressure from the opponent, and such a problem could be fatal in Russia.

Shirley Álvarez to Host Costa Rica’s ExpoNovia

Costa Rica Events – Shirley Álvarez, best known as the presenter of the ballroom contest Dancing with the Stars, will now host Expo Novia for its 30th anniversary.

The event will be from March 16 to 18.

The fair will show off the new trends and many options related to wedding planning. The Wyndham San José Herradura Hotel will hold the event and the many concerts planned along with it.

Álvarez has previously participated in the event as a wedding dress model. Although her role will change, she doesn’t think her passion for weddings ever will. She is already married and loves how this event reminds her of the illusion of the process. She especially likes the hairstyles and makeup.

Anyone planning a wedding should be at this event. It’s the perfect way to find a variety of ideas all in one place. 80 companies will be there offering services.

The cost of tickets is just ¢5,000 and BAC Credomatic card users can enter for free.