Body Found in Costa Rica Confirmed to be Murdered Tourist Carla Stefaniak

Costa Rica News – The OIJ has been able to confirm, using fingerprints, that the body found near the Le Mas Provence Hotel in San Antonio de Escazú, San José was in fact the missing Venezuelan-American tourist, Carla Stefaniak.

Her disappearance was reported on November 28th. She had been staying at the hotel after a trip in the country and had plans to fly home. The last anyone heard from her was that there was a lot of rain and the electricity had gone out.

The body was located on Monday. The only suspect is a guard of the hotel who gave a testimony found to contradict the facts found on videos. He was arrested at 11 pm on Monday and faces three months of pre-trial detention.

The head of Legal Medicine, Franz Vega, explained that medical legal autopsies in such cases are complex and take time as they must conform to many national and international protocols.

A 32-year-old security guard has been arrested in relation to Stefaniak’s death. That suspect has been named as Bismarck Espinoza Martinez of Nicaragua.

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