Beautiful Photos of the Meteor Shower in Costa Rica

Experienced photographers Rafael Pacheco, Carlos González and Alexander Otárola captured images of the meteor shower that took place between Sunday night and Monday morning.

They set up to capture the rain of stars between the Turrialba and Irazú volcanoes. They started at about 10:30 pm although the peak hours of the meteors was at dawn. They wanted to be prepared.

The meteors originated from the comet Halley and appeared to come from the constellation of Aquarius. The weather held up giving them a clear sky to watch in amazement. No special equipment like binoculars or telescopes was needed to see the meteors.

Eric Sanchez, an instructor at the Planetarium of the University of Costa Rica, was interviewed about the phenomenon. He said that up to 50 meteors per hour were expected. Some of them are seen in the amazing photos taken by the group of photographers.

Foto: Rafael Pacheco

Foto: Rafael Pacheco

Foto: Rafael Pacheco

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