Reflecting the Caribbean Soul; Costa Rica’s New Municipal Building in Limon

Costa Rica News – The new municipal building of Limon is to be inaugurated this August 30th. It’s a five-story structure that cost ¢2 billion.

It was worth it, because it truly reflects the Caribbean soul.

The traditional Victorian-Caribbean style architecture of the region is characterized by high ceilings and guardrails, details which are present in the new building. The structure is made with special glass that prevents birds from flying into it.

It’s located in the center of the city just 100 meters north of the stadium.

It’s a colorful corner building that was built in less than a year and a half. It’s 2,400 square meters. It will be used starting September 1st.

90 employees will work there. They are coming from four different sites. The building will have an outdoor dining room and gym for employees.

The inauguration comes right before the celebrations of Afro-Costa Rican Culture.

Bilingual Job Fair Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – ExpoEmpleo Bilingue is offering 1,500 positions for those who speak at least two languages.

Over 15 companies require more personnel with mastery of other languages, especially English and Portuguese.

The Expo will take place September 1 and 2 at the national Stadium. The event will have a schedule from 9 am to 6 pm both days. The fair is organized by EKA Consultores and HR Global.

Positions available include customer service associates, fraud investigation specialists, group managers, IT support engineers, HR specialists, financial analysts, seller support associates, network engineers, call center agents for sales area, and more.

Admission is free, if you register during August. After that you would have to purchase a ticket for ¢1,500. Attendees should not carry printed CVs, as companies will indicate how to apply.

Women are advised not to wear high heels, as the fair will be held on the warm-up track.

Regulating Costa Rica Zoos & Rescue Centers

Costa Rica News – People have demanded more dignified conditions for animals in Costa Rica.

A new regulation brings both zoos and rescue centers to order, with higher standards. Centers and zoos will have six months to work on a plan to comply with provisions of the new regulation.

Rescue centers that are registered as non-profits must be closed to the public, thus avoiding contact with humans which will ideally lead to more injured animals being treated and released.

Animals being released must undergo lab tests to rule out the presence of pathogens that could infect the wild population.

If a rescue center exhibits animals and allows visits it should also register as a zoo and follow the new regulations for zoos. These include specifically designed cages, enclosures and safety barriers as well as a room just for food preparation, a clinic and a quarantine room.

SINAC details protocols to deal with situations where people and dangerous animals like crocodiles and raccoons interact. SINAC also requires budgets that include emergency care, training, and other details.

Fake Robbery Victim; A Sex Crimes Fugitive from Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The man who claimed he was robbed at gunpoint while walking home Sunday night made up the story and is a fugitive wanted by Costa Rica for an alleged rape of a minor 11 years ago, police said.

Eugenio Munoz Castillo, 50, of Madison, was charged Thursday morning with filing a false report after police said video footage discredited his claim of two men ordering him to lie face down on the ground and taking $800 from his pockets.

After being arrested at his home at 10:55 a.m., Castillo was brought to Madison police headquarters and was in the process of being released until police discovered the outstanding warrant out of Costa Rica, Lt. John Miscia said.

Castillo, who told police he is a citizen of Costa Rica, was taken to the Morris County jail, Miscia said.

Miscia said police did not know what prompted Castillo to allegedly invent a story about being robbed, which was debunked in part by video footage from the Nautilus Diner.

Castillo told police that he had been walking home on Main Street and was accosted by the two men while passing through a covered driveway.

By Rob Jennings,
NJ Advance Media for

Bilingual & Looking for a Job in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Language centers are experiencing a great growth in the quantity of students so they expect the need for staff to increase, as well. Wizard, Intensa and the Centro Cultural Britanico are among these institutions.

From January 1 to May 8, 2017, at least six such companies announced an intention to hire. These positions will total 1,800 people, specifically those who command English, Portuguese or French.

There are various factors leading to an increase in wanting to become bilingual or trilingual. These qualities are favored by both national and international companies.

The local economy is improving, resulting in student’s disposable income augmenting and thus there is more money to invest in their futures. Students are also now more aware of how necessary these skills are.

Intensa has been specializing in teaching English and Spanish since 1980 and, this year, added Portuguese to their offering. They created a virtual platform for the students to continue learning outside the classroom.

They have become accredited to provide DELE and MET tests.

What Are The Online Movie Streaming Services in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Entertainment – Costa Ricans and expats alike now enjoy a whole variety of streaming services. Here’s a review of the television and film streaming services officially available in the country.

Crackle is the newest, entering the country just this week through an ad on to the Tigo cable service.

Netflix has been around since 2011. It has 90 million subscribers and tons of original productions that have won awards. It can be viewed on TVs, computers, cell phones and gaming systems. Subscriptions start at $8 a month. There’s also a free 30 day trial.

Amazon Prime Video is available in the country but with only a fraction of its normal catalog because Amazon does not have the rights to transmit many productions in the region. It doesn’t seem worth the $7 a month charge but see for yourself with a 7 day trial.

HBO Go is a threat to Netflix and it’s best known for the popular Game of Thrones, whose new season will be released this Sunday. The subscription is $10. Check it out with the 30 day trial.

CrunchyRoll is best for anime lovers. It includes subtitles in English and Spanish and costs just $5. There’s a 14 day trial.

Fox Play has a bunch of series that Netflix lost the rights to. It’s only available alongside a cable subscription.

Twitch is dedicated to the public gamer and includes video game guides and electonic sports competitions. The best part is its free.


An App to Keep Your Costa Rica Pet’s Info on Hand

Costa Rica News – A new app allows dog owners to have their pet’s information handy.

It’s called ACAN Costa Rica and can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. The app will make life easier for you and your dog. Aside from having the most important information at your fingertips, in the case of loss it can easily be found using the app.

This app was recently released by the Canine Federation of Costa Rica.

It works as a mirror of the canine record microchip, which is implanted in dogs with their info and that of their owner.

The microchip gives the pet a unique 18 digit number. Simply entering the last 5 digits of the 18 in the animal’s ID number allows access to the data of the animal. This can be used by anyone who finds a lost dog.

You just take it to a vet, shelter or rescue center to have the microchip read and enter the number to find the owner’s contact info.

You can also contact ACAN directly at 7010-0575 or through

Costa Rica Perfect For Exploring Underwater Deep Zones

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is the ideal country for exploring deep zones of the planet such as the Mesoamerican Fossa, where the Coco plate slides under the Caribbean plate off the coast of Costa Rica.
The country was visited, for this reason, by the research ship Atlantis. It belongs to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution whose scientific interest is concentrated in areas between 400 and 4,500 meters deep.

Two Costa Rican scientists worked with the team. They were from the Center of Investigation in Sciences of the Sea and Limnology as well as members of the National Academy of Sciences.

They studied methane emissaries. When volcanoes and mountains hit the tectonic plate they are broken and release methane, which would be released to the atmosphere if it weren’t for deep ecosystems. Bateria use the methane to produce food and animals live on those bacteria.

Samples of these deep sea animals are now in the Museum of Zoology of the University of Costa Rica. A sea spider 8 meters long was observed.

The Journey of Costa Rica Sea Turtles

Costa Rica News – It’s a good year for turtles. So far, in 2017, 226 clutches of turtles have been protected and 810 hatchlings released to the sea as part of the conservation of APM Terminal turtles.
It was great to see the children of the community participate in the liberation of the turtles last Thursday in Moin.

154 leatherback turtles were released that day by schoolchildren, biologists and volunteers.

They were born in the rescue center built by APM Terminals, next to the new Container Terminal of Moin.

The Tropical Science Center there guards the eggs to prevent looting by people and animals as well as to relocate nests that the turtles leave too close to the tide line.

The rescue center also rehabilitates sick turtles when assistance is required before returning them to their habitat.

During the season, volunteers travel 18 kilometers of beach each day, rescuing 8 out of 10 nests.

Cost of Private School in Costa Rica

The monthly fees in Costa Rican private schools are very high, ranging from ¢200,000 to ¢400,000 (higher than the average salary!).

A fair of private schools was held at the National Stadium this Saturday. 15 educational centers participated.

Parents got to see options for kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools to fit various needs their children might have. The main questions parents asked were about tuition, language offerings and teaching methods.

Some of the schools offer added benefits like sports equipment, swimming pools, gyms, computer rooms, robotics labs and special workshops. In the case of babies, early stimulation is offered. Languages offered include English, French and German.

Humboldt High School offers an additional year in which one can leave with the German high school certificate, opening up many opportunities in Europe. Students can also do an exchange program in Germany.

The Nuestra Senora de Sion School offers intensive English and students can be certified in Microsoft and Computer Security.