Investment in Costa Rica’s in Vitro Fertilization Center

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) has invested $2.3 million into a new in vitro fertilization center known as the High Complexity Reproductive Medicine Unit, which is at the National Hospital of Women.

The investment covers refrigeration chambers, suction pumps for follicular puncture, laminar flow chambers, incubators, gynecological examination beds, ultrasound with probe and a puncture guide.

The center will have everything necessary to diagnose and treat couples and infertile women. It’s one of the most modern centers for reproductive medicine in all of Latin America.

The first treatments will start in June. Aside from in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer will also be carried out. The process to qualify for these services starts at your local Ebais.

An international resolution from 2012 at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights forced Costa Rica to re-establish in vitro fertilization.

ABBA Tribute Band to Play at Oxigeno Costa Rica

Oxigeno, the “human playground,” has announced its first concert. It will feature Arrival, a group that pays tribute to ABBA. It’s been said this is “the closest you’ll come to seeing ABBA in concert.”

Arrival recreates the feeling of ABBA concerts back in the 70s, complete with the fashion of the time. The band has had 40 successful tours through the U.S. and visited 60 countries.

The Swedish band will perform songs such as “Dancing Queen,” “Chiquitita,” and other favorites in the venue O1 which holds 2,400 people. The concerts will be on February 22nd and 23rd at 8pm.

Oxygen hopes to bring live shows about every three months. There is a show scheduled for Mother’s Day and another five dates that the Harlem Globetrotters will be there, according to the communication manager for Oxygen.

Tickets are available at

Where To Party In Costa Rica

Over the weekend, the sleepy beach town of Tamarindo in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica was alive with the thrumming of DJs and acts from around the world. The much-beloved Ocaso Festival got pumping on Wednesday and is still rolling today with a detox/ re-acclimation-themed beach party. All weekend, crowds revelled beneath the tropic skies and on the powdery beaches. It was a full-on scene (we’ll have photos for you later today).

For DJ FRiGiD the festival is something of a homecoming. The artist rose to prominence in the Costa Rican electronic music scene of the mid-90s. He made his name with sets at Club Regina 51 — the sun around which Costa Rica’s house and electronic music scene orbited at the time. After traveling the world with residencies throughout Europe, FRiGiD returned to Costa Rica for Ocaso — a pretty fantastic place for a homecoming if you’re into thrilled crowds and perfect surf.

With FRiGiD’s Costa Rican return wrapping up today, we asked him to share his advice for future party-centric travels around the country. He shouted out some classics and came back with a few surprises too.

1. Ocaso Festival (Tamarindo)

This year’s fest is wrapping up, but this is flat out the biggest and finest electronic music festival in Costa Rica. Ocaso is dedicated to underground music culture at beautiful Tamarindo beach, where the sea and sunsets are the perfect setting for what I consider the most important event of the year. The event has been growing in fans eager to listen to the national and international DJs on the line-up. Bigger names are added to the lineup each year, which is a major plus for the local and international crowd, who expands each edition.ADVERTISEMENT

2. El Garito (Tamarindo)

Legendary electronic music club in Tamarindo beach — open air and great vibes. This is my favorite club in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and it is one of the few clubs dedicated exclusively to quality electronic music. Their resident DJ, Ezequiel Maronini, is one of the finest of the whole country and has tailored a club with an exquisite music selection.

DJs are able to perform in an environment full of electronic music fans at a club that has no roof, so you can feel like you’re right at the beach while watching the stars.

3. Chringuito (Tamarindo)

Perfect spot to watch the sunset, have delicious food and drinks, and decompress by laying back beachfront. My favorite spot to chill out, hang with friends, relax after a night of partying. It is right in front of the beach and they serve delicious cocktails and meals. It has one of the best views of the sunset on the entire Pacific coast. You can watch the sunset colors changing in a breathtaking palette while you hang on the beach or swim at the sea.

4. Tamarindo Night Market (Tamarindo)

Amazing offer of food and drinks in the night market, which provides a great environment. Very cool place with a nice variety of bars and restaurants with all kinds of food and drinks. Perfect spot for going out for dinner and drinks because you have a lot of options to choose from. Also you can find very cool music oriented people here, just before the party begins.

5. Club Vertigo (San José)

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One of the best clubs in the region, needs no introduction. Amazing GSA sound system where some of best DJs in Costa Rica come to play along with international artists every weekend. This club located in Paseo Colón, San José — an institution for electronic music lovers, not only from Costa Rica, but also all of Latin America.

This club’s true dedication to music makes it one the best in the region. Has been chosen as one of the best 100 electronic music clubs in the world.

6. Club Venue (San José)

Preferred LGTBI club in the capital that has electronic music playing every weekend. Super cool club and the second biggest and most important club in San José. Although primarily known for its LGTBI crowd, it is also known for its electronic music. It has two main spaces inside the club — one where attendees can take a more underground approach at the main floor and one with a more commercial style of music at lounge.

7. Antik (San José)

This club is located at a beautiful building in downtown. It has several environments of music, including a basement exclusive for electronic music and another area for charanga and reggae music. Younger crowds dig this club very much, and since its opening, it has been gaining a good name for cool people and nice music. Its restaurant is also very good, and I fully recommended.

8. Karomi Lounge (San José)

A petite lounge with great food and electronic DJ music every Thursday night. It has amazing Japanese fusion food and it’s the perfect setting to go out at night to have dinner, tapas, and drinks with your friends. Oriented to a more 30+ crowd, the place is small, but very nicely decorated. On Thursday evening, there is always a DJ playing house and melodic styles of electronic music.


The Celebrities That Love to Vacation in Costa Rica During 2018

Each year, more and more stars fall in love with Costa Rica. 2018 was no exception. A few celebrities have made Costa Rica their second home and many more have made it a favorite vacation spot.

There are so many things the stars love about Costa Rica. There’s the amazing flora and fauna, beaches, volcanoes, adventure activities, quiet hideouts, and impressive all-inclusives.

Some of the famous people who visited Costa Rica in 2018 include Lady Gaga, Christian Bale, Liev Schreiber, Laura Rodriguez, Mark Ruffalo, Alba Flores, Raphael Varane, Margoth Robbie, Gael García, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Zac Efron, Jay Alvarrez, Aminé and Barbara Palvin.

Some came with partners and others with family or friends. While some took the vacation time to disconnect from social media, others shared with us every step of their trips to Costa Rica via social media accounts. Who will 2019 bring us?

Humanity’s Extinction Is Not an Option (Part One)

Once again the New York Times has outdone itself in philosophical foolishness with its weekly op-ed, “The [Philosopher’s] Stone.” Op-eds are often narrow and shallow, but this piece, “Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy,” sets a new low in superficiality and inanity.

Right off the bat, the ostensible philosopher, Todd May, bows before the god of specialization. “I want to consider an answer to the question [Would human extinction be a tragedy?] that hardly covers the whole philosophical territory but is an important aspect of it.”

May proceeds to take a piece of “the philosophical territory,” thereby bowing before the god of specialization and assuming a fragmentary approach. He thus violates the first rule of philosophy: Focus on asking the right questions, don’t specialize to accumulate knowledge.

It may well be that the extinction of humanity would make the world better off and yet would be a tragedy.” The fact that NYT, “America’s newspaper of record,” would publish such rubbish shows how far journalism has sunk.

And the fact that a respectable academic philosopher would base his argument for the extinction of humans on the notion, “There is just too much torment wreaked upon too many animals and too certain a prospect that this is going to continue,” shows how far philosophy has sunk.

The reasons May gives for the continuation of humans on the planet include “an advanced level of reason that can experience wonder at the world in a way that is foreign to most if not all other animals; art of various kinds; and sciences that seek to understand the universe and our place in it.”

May concludes, “It is the goodness of these practices and the experiences that draw us. Therefore, it would be a loss to the world if those practices and experiences ceased to exist.”  [Italics mine]

This is nonsense. It fails to make the first distinction—between the earth, created by nature; and the world, made by humans. It gives reason primacy over insight, and absurdly claims that reason is the basis of “experiencing wonder.”

May goes completely off the rails when he says, “Humanity is the source of devastation of the lives of conscious animals on a scale that is difficult to comprehend.”

Humanity is not the source of destructiveness; man is. It is our humanity that will save us, and the earth. Besides, no philosopher worth his or her salt would ever utter the phrase, “the suffering we humans bring to so many nonhuman lives.”

Other animals do not have “lives,” as humans have lives, nor are they conscious, as humans are conscious. Other animals have being, and awareness to a limited degree. The longstanding attempt by philosophers and scientists to blur the line between humans and the animals that man is decimating with the Sixth Extinction has produced anthropomorphic, sentimental claptrap, such as “conscious animal lives.”

Consciousness is the issue, the question, and the dilemma. I submit that consciousness is an unrealized potential within us as human beings. Other animals operate from unconscious awareness, but humans, as Plato saw long ago, are only half conscious, interpreting the shadows on the cave and believing we are seeing reality as it is.

The question of human extinction cannot be approached from the towers of academic rationalism, disconnected from feeling, passion, and our inescapable stake and responsibility for the future of humanity.

Therefore questions are: what is consciousness, what is intelligent life, and what is the importance of potentially fully conscious beings in the universe?

[Part Two tomorrow)

Martin LeFevre

Link: “Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?”

Costa Rica Christmas Means Lots of Calories

We’re looking forward to wine, tamales and many other Christmas foods and drinks but who knew that in a single Christmas or New Year’s Eve party one could eat the calories normally consumed in two full days? This can even be doubled in cases when you visit one side of the family for lunch and the other for dinner.

We tend to eat constantly when in a festive mood and engulfed in conversation with other guests. We down a few sweet drinks followed by repeated appetizers and small plates before dinner even begins. Then comes dessert (or a few!) and eggnog. All this can easily add up to 4,000 calories.

This eating behavior is normal during the last weeks of the year. We all put on a few pounds. Just because it’s common, however, doesn’t mean we should accept it. It can have detrimental effects on our health, subjecting our bodies to a stress of sorts. It can cause gastritis, colitis, reflux, and in those with chronic diseases like hypertension or diabetes is can lead to a crisis. One way to avoid eating so much is to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Body Found in Costa Rica Confirmed to be Murdered Tourist Carla Stefaniak

Costa Rica News – The OIJ has been able to confirm, using fingerprints, that the body found near the Le Mas Provence Hotel in San Antonio de Escazú, San José was in fact the missing Venezuelan-American tourist, Carla Stefaniak.

Her disappearance was reported on November 28th. She had been staying at the hotel after a trip in the country and had plans to fly home. The last anyone heard from her was that there was a lot of rain and the electricity had gone out.

The body was located on Monday. The only suspect is a guard of the hotel who gave a testimony found to contradict the facts found on videos. He was arrested at 11 pm on Monday and faces three months of pre-trial detention.

The head of Legal Medicine, Franz Vega, explained that medical legal autopsies in such cases are complex and take time as they must conform to many national and international protocols.

A 32-year-old security guard has been arrested in relation to Stefaniak’s death. That suspect has been named as Bismarck Espinoza Martinez of Nicaragua.

Cooking School in Costa Rica

Sabores La Escuela is a new project committed to offering gastronomic experiences.

The residents of the Escazú area will have access to cooking courses in the building of Contemporary Technological Environments.

Special guests and gastronomy bloggers were part of the inauguration. They saw the various stations of Gourmet Flavors.

Whether one is looking to learn to cook the basics or a special dish or just get out of his everyday routine with an exciting class in a relaxed atmosphere with good music, there is something for everyone at this school.

Mondays will cater to men and on Tuesdays the class will cater to groups of friends while on Wednesdays it’s for couples. Thursday through Saturday will be theme nights. Arrangements can also be made for birthday parties or company outings.

Each night, specialized chefs offer a variety of dishes. Participants can follow the recommendations or use their creativity.

Classes will have various prices and some will even be free. For more information, call 2545-5419.

The Unfortunate Education of Civil Marine Engineering Students in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The University of Costa Rica opened a path of study without the legal backing to allow those who study it to practice. This now leaves 130 students of Civil Marine Engineering unable to graduate although many have completed all their coursework.

It is a scam to the students who have worked very hard.

The deputy of the Citizen Action Party criticizes the university authorities for delays in the international procedures needed. One of the requirements in question is the Convention on Maritime Labor of the International Labor Organization, which has been shelved in the Legislative Assembly since 2013.

The university offered this plan of study and must find a solution for the students. The deputies of the Limón Commission granted the university authorities 15 days to submit a work agenda to obtain the four pending requirements and end the uncertainty.

One option being looked into is working with the embassies of Honduras, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, countries that have all the permits, and allowing the students to graduate in those countries.

The Dangers of Injectable Cosmetics in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – We need to be cautious when using cosmetic products that could have a medical purpose because they are often advertised as cosmetic to avoid having to be authorized by the Ministry of Health.

For example, the products of the PB Serum brand are registered as cosmetics and their intradermal use is not authorized, yet many are being injected with them to burn the fat in the skin and shape the face.

The Directorate of Health has issued a health alert advising the public that they should not use PB Serum as an injectable. This alert was published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health.

The injected use of this product can expose the user to serious risk and even death. There is no certainty regarding the conditions in which they have been manufactured and packaged as there is with approved injectables.

It is recommended that anyone who knows of someone offering this service put in a complaint at

At least five malpractice cases regarding aesthetic surgeries are being investigated. In one, the patient died.