Faith, Hope & Miracles; Costa Rica’s La Negrita Pilgrimage

Costa Rica News – Faith and hope for miracles coupled with gratitude for so many blessings are hearts worn on the sleeve of so many making the pilgrimage to la basílica de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles, and its famous “La Negrita.” Where you’d expect to see fatigue, what you see is pure faith.

Thousands of devotees visit the shrine each year. It’s a national holiday. This is the 383rd anniversary of the appearance of La Negrita.

People come, many barefoot and at least one on crutches, from all over. Some have to start walking a day or more ahead of time because of the distance. They come even from other countries.

This year, the interviewed shared many blessings they are thankful for, such as family and healings.

There are also many needs represented, miracles prayed for, such as getting a family member through surgery and taking away burdens and guilt. Some came from Nicaragua asking for peace in their country.

Costa Rica Shipping & Relocation Company Continues Expansion

Costa Rica Shipping -Shipping Costa Rica, a Costa Rica shipping and relocation services company specializing in transporting international cargo to and from Costa Rica, today announced that it has begun its proposed structural expansion to provide better client support and reduced shipping costs to all existing and new customers looking to ship to or from Costa Rica.

Prior to this official announcement, Shipping Costa Rica spent the last three months crafting a system of international cargo shipping services that not only outclasses the competition but also offers the perfect balance of favorable shipping costs and unmatched customer service to all Shipping Costa Rica customers.

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Here are some of the systemic changes the Company has made:

  1. Redesigned their website to feature a now-responsive mobile-friendly platform that provides customers with the ease of site navigation on their mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers.
  2. Developed contractual relationships with multiple freight forwarders and logistics companies throughout the USA, Canada and various parts of the world. Leveraging on the many benefits of these contractual relationships, the Company can now offer better services at the most competitive prices to customers shipping to Costa Rica.
  3. Hired a client service team to provide updates and answer any questions during the entire shipping and relocation process to or from Costa Rica.
  4. Expanded their services in Costa Rica to include more customs brokers to make the processing of goods through Costa Rica customs quick and easy, as well as keep the import taxes as low as possible.
  5. Introduced a Shipping Costa Rica owned full-service transport team in Costa Rica to safely unload and place your belongings in your new home in Costa Rica.
  6. Hired an experienced team that specializes in taking vehicles through the customs and nationalization process (this includes vehicle inspection and plating). This team also has a body shop that ensures any vehicle modifications that need to be made to pass inspection in Costa Rica are done quickly and inexpensively.
  7. The Company now offers two new services:
  • Free, safe and secure storage of vehicles until the client is able to pick them up.
  • Personal delivery of vehicles to your final destination in Costa Rica.
  1. 80% through the process of getting the necessary logistics that enable small package shipping from the USA (the Company warehouse in Florida) to Costa Rica with low costs and import taxes.

About Shipping Costa Rica

Shipping Costa Rica is a Costa Rica based global provider of international cargo shipping services. The Company has been in business for over 8 years and is one of most-recommended shipping and logistics companies in Costa Rica.

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Big Brother Will Be Watching the Roads of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The road camera plan is being revived by the Road Safety Council (Cosevi). It began efforts to find the company to take over the work. The Board of Directors will authorize the bidding process.

The intention now is to install devices in such a way that in addition to automatically taking pictures it will operate as a preventive mechanism against speeding. By showing the drivers how fast they are going they can auto-correct, making roads safer and tickets not needed as often.

The surveillance plan with cameras and speed radars could ideally also be used to track license plates for various reasons, such as stolen cars.

Cosevi does not yet have the budget but plans to have all necessary resources to make a contract in 2019. The initial system was just video surveillance in 2011 and this will be much better. In addition, back then tickets could not be given out because not all drivers registered an email address.

With the new system, fines will have to be paid in order to get the right of circulation.

Argentinian Singer Jairo Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Argentinian singer Jairo will be coming to Costa Rica to perform at the Melico Salazar Theater, in San José.

You can buy tickets now before they sell out. The show will be on August 23 at 8pm.

The romanticism of Jairo’s art has been enjoyed for over 50 years. His long career has brought him many followers. In 2011, he made an album of his concert in Costa Rica with the Youth Symphony Orchestra. The show in Costa Rica will be part of an international tour.

The broadcaster 94.7 is in charge of the event. It has informed the public that tickets are being sold at and authorized Servimás points of sale. The prices range from ¢20,000 to ¢60,000 plus service charge.

A Costa Rican artist, José Mata, will be the warm up act for the night of romanticism. After that we will enjoy some of Jairo’s 30 published hits.  

The Gran Hotel Costa Rica’s New Facelift

Costa Rica Travel – The Gran Hotel Costa Rica is an 88-year-old property under renovation since 2016.

There were some issues with it’s renovation and the process and two people involved are still being investigated.

The recent advancements of the remodel are now visible. The tarps covering the work have been removed. The new image of the historical building is now seen by those circulating in the capital city.

They can see the glass box that is now the fifth and last floor. This was historically the first building in Costa Rica to have five floors. It’s undergone six renovations and much of its originality has been lost or covered.

Part of the final agreement was that the windows, which were done with a technique no longer used, are not to be changed and the original flooring is to be shown again, removing the layers on top of it.

Costa Rica Contraband At An All Time High

Costa Rica News – In 2014, the amount of contraband liquor, cigarettes and cigars reached record highs. In fact, the amount of cigars seized in 2014 was nine times the amount seized just one year earlier. There were 14 million units confiscated in just the first two month of 2014.

When looking at alcoholic beverages, there were 260,000 liters confiscated in 2013, which represents an increase of 64% compared to 2012.

The products tend to enter the country in the southern area and the docks in Limon and Puntarenas.

14.3% of the Costa Rican adult population smokes and 45% consume alcohol. These figures were compiled by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the School of Statistics of the University of Costa Rica and the organization Educ Alcohol.

Various factors were in play during these years. For one, the authorities increased intelligence work against smuggling. Secondly, they greatly increased the amount needed to be considered criminal smuggling from $5,000 to $50,000 making smuggling lower amounts carry little to no risk. Lastly, an increase in sales tax likely led more people to chose buying illegal rather than legal products. The USA and South Africa have had similar results after increasing taxes on the products.

Apple Vacations Offering New Flight to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Apple Vacations is about to offer a new flight option. It will go between Rockford, Illinois, USA and the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The company will operate the flight as a charter between January and April 2019. The route will be offered weekly.

This flight is going to bring an estimated 2,340 tourists into the country, according to the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, ICT.

President Carlos Alvarado announced the information during a Facebook Live broadcast on the afternoon Wednesday, June 20th. “We have confirmed the arrival of a new flight to Costa Rica, it is Apple Vacations, which will fly from Illinois to Liberia for the first time between January and April,” he confirmed. He added that the route will bring benefits for the region and the tourism sector.

The flight points to the increased interest in vacationing in our country. Charters provide favorable connections complemented by regular flights. Rockford has a direct connection to more than 14 US cities.

Costa Rican Ingrid Solís Overcomes Weight Gain & Depression to Become Mrs Universe

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Costa Rican Ingrid Solís has conquered the crown and now holds the title Mrs. Universe. She wants to use her reign to promote a message of self-love.

The mother of three children recently lost 52 kilos.

After giving birth to her sons, she was 120 kilos. The weight led to a depression. While studying for her master’s in Mental Health and Psychiatry, she realized love was in herself and began to overcome her afflictions.

She’s undergone a healthy lifestyle change and now physical activity and good nutrition are central. She loves herself, accepts herself, and sees her worth in so much more than her looks, although she is gorgeous. She is determined, helpful, loving, sensitive, persevering and capable. Her inner strength shines.

This was Solís’ second attempt at the competition. Since a child she loved beauty pageants. Following the win, she plans to give motivational talks to women about finding love within themselves.

Gringo Left to Die by Costa Rica Police and Paramedics

This as one person commented….” WTF we walked 7 seven miles to rescue someone. There is no rescue that should not be attended to. This is shear laziness and absolute B.S.” On Friday officers with the Fuerza Publica discovered the lifeless body of a foreign man who had accidentally driven his four-wheel drive vehicle off a cliff the night before.

According to a statement, police officers responded to a call of a body discovered lying in the middle of the road in an area described as “the exact spot where an injured man had been seen and reported to them the night before”.

According to one ” The head of Osa Fuerza Publica, clarified that he was out of town when the first call came in and does not believe that there was any negligence involved. The absence of available 4×4 vehicles was blamed for lack of rescue efforts.” What a terrible excuse.

Consistent with information collected from the 9-1-1 database, at 9:41 p.m. on Thursday, a call came from a man, who reported seeing a person on the side of the road while passing through the area on a motorcycle. Allegedly the caller did not remain with the accident victim out of fear that he was being set up for a robbery.

It wasn’t until 5:52 the following day emergency services were reminded of the man seen dying on the side of the road, when another person called in to report the crash. Eight hours after the first report was called in emergency services were dispatched to the area where the foreigner was pronounced dead on the scene.

The deceased American, later identified as 58 year old Brian Dean, was apparently able to free himself from his mangled vehicle and crawl 75 meters up the cliff and back onto the road. However, due to the severity of his injuries, was only able to walk a few hundred meters before resigning himself to lying down and dying alone in the middle of the dark street.

Martín Morera, head of Osa Fuerza Publica, clarified that he was out of town when the first call came in and does not believe that there was any negligence involved. The absence of available 4×4 vehicles was blamed for lack of rescue efforts.

From the, Edited by the Costa Rican Times

Costa Ricans Event Syrup to Help Poisoned Animals

Costa Rica News – Ticos have made an important invention, one that will save the lives of many animals. It’s a syrup that would be given to a pet if it had consumed something poisonous.

It would cause the animal to vomit up the poison.

This would not cure the animal but would stabilize it enough to give time to get it to a veterinarian for further care. Inducing vomiting would reduce the effects of the toxic substance.

The syrup is made from a plant sown in the north of Costa Rica. The type of plant has not been disclosed as they are in the process of patenting it.

Catalina Rosales is the researcher in charge and works with a team from the Center for Research in Biotechnology of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica. Veterinarian Edwin Marín is helping in the process.

The syrup includes a high concentration of sugar to make it desirable for dogs. Toxicity tests have already been carried out. Tests will be carried out on dogs to verify the emetic effect but no animals will be poisoned in the tests.