Airbnb Experiences Launches Adventure Tour Platform in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Airbnb launches a new platform, specifically designed for tourists coming to Costa Rica.

It’s called Airbnb Experiences and allows someone to sign up, search for, and hire a tourist service.

This can be a guide or an activity. The site has 50 different recreational services.

The price range is from ¢9,000 to ¢100,000 per person. The services are in various parts of the country.

Each host is authorized by Airbnb. Airbnb’s Shawn Sullivan, director of Public Policies of Central America and the Caribbean, confirmed that the people offering services are accredited by the company.

Options allow visitors to experience Costa Rica in a new way, hand in hand with locals who want to share passions, favorite spots, even family recipes. There are gastronomic tours, surf lessons, and much more.

Costa Rica Counterfeit Bills

Costa Rica News – The Central Bank seized 10,402 counterfeit bills this year.

The counterfeit bills amount to a fictitious value of ¢122 million. The ¢10,000 bill is the most often falsified in the country, followed by the ¢20,000 and ¢2,000 bills.

The entity is asking all citizens to take extreme caution in the bills they accept. Use the method known as “tap, look and turn.” Touch the raised elements on the face of the character and the legend of the denomination. Assure that the texture of both front and back are identical. Check if the map of Costa Rica changes from purple to green.

Especially now, with the payment of cash bonuses and the celebrations of the end and beginning of the year, we must take measures to avoid becoming victims of fraud by counterfeit bills.

In this holiday season, avoid the use of cash by using the Sinpe Móvil service to make and receive transfers without cash.

To avoid other known scams, remember that the financial entities do not make calls or send emails asking for personal data or access to bank accounts.

Animals, Humans and Gods

It’s completely still. Not a leaf flutters, except for the slender yellow leaves overhanging and nearly touching the rushing stream. They quiver as the water’s current bestirs the air directly above the creek.

Passive observation gathers into intense, undirected attention, and the flame of attention burns away the detritus of thought and emotion, making everything new again.

It’s been a long, mild fall. Because there hasn’t been a major storm yet, most of the leaves are still on the trees in northern California.

The familiar becomes unfamiliar. The known becomes unknown. After the meditation, I take a short path to the park road that I’ve not taken before, and emerge anew into an old world, almost forgetting where I am.

To my mind and heart, there is no more important action than negation in meditation. I used to wonder how others inwardly survive in this depraved culture without inwardly cleansing themselves on a regular basis. Then I realized most people don’t inwardly survive.

Aristotle said, “To live alone, one must either be an animal or a god.” We don’t have to live alone, but humans in the global society have become such self-centered creatures, the only choice now is to grow into gods.

The self is socially constructed, not individually made. The consciousness we have known as humans for tens of thousands of years is essentially cumulative, based on useless memory, not useful knowledge. The old consciousness is not true consciousness, and it has reached a saturation point.

Why is it so rare for people to take the time to watch the movement of their thoughts and emotions in the mirror of nature? Is it fear?

Clearly so. But of what? Of seeing ourselves as we are? Of seeing and feeling what we intellectually know is true but don’t want to emotionally see and feel about society?

Humans are social animals, and there’s a fear of not fitting into the social structure, however pathological it is. Most people are deeply afraid of standing out, of being seen as “weird” because one is different.

The local brewery, Sierra Nevada, came out with a new beer called FOMO—Fear of Missing Out. No kidding. That’s it, isn’t it—the fear of missing out is what compels the vast majority of people to conform.

The earth is so beautiful, and we’re meant to live harmoniously and joyfully on it. The present world is total madness and utter destructiveness however, both ecologically and spiritually. Sadly, far too many adults conflate life with the world.

David Ignatius of the New York Times says American culture is so ubiquitous, “it’s like the air the world breathes.” Perhaps so. But despite or because of the madness of the global society, humankind has a greater chance of changing course at this juncture than ever before in history.

We must first understand and live in the culture and world as they are however. So how is the true individual to live sensitively and intelligently in this world?

Psychological thought is the root of all evil. When the mind-as-thought spontaneously falls silent in the gathering attention of passive observation, a new order of consciousness emerges within one.

Beyond the predator-prey dynamic, beyond the “tooth and claw” ideology, wholeness and love are intrinsic to nature and the universe. But not to man. Haven’t you ever wondered why?

When psychological thought ceases operating in undivided, unwilled attention to the movement of memory and association, a completely different order of consciousness arises in the brain.

So why does thought, which is essentially memory and association, not stop psychologically? And why, when it does spontaneously yield to passive observation and attention in the mirror of nature, does thought/time start up again?

In the sense we normally use the word, there is no such thing as the individual. We are inextricably part of this sick global society and the consciousness that underlies it as long as we aren’t taking total responsibility for the darkness within ourselves, and freeing ourselves by continuously learning.

That’s arduous work, and there is no arrival. But there can be breakthroughs, both within the undivided individual (a redundancy, since ‘individual’ literally means ‘not divided’), and in human consciousness.

Martin LeFevre

Piano riff on Bach prelude, about 8 minutes:

Ecuador Real Estate Group Investing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate – Ecuador Real Estate Group has announced a $45 million investment in Costa Rica.

200 people will be hired to build two towers in La Sabana, for the new Iconnia housing project, the first part of this investment.

The Ecuadorian company Furoinani Obras y Proyectos (FOP) will be in charge of building the towers in Sabana Norte, the area with the greatest purchase interest for vertical developments.

They will both be residential towers.

The construction of the first tower will begin in December and be completed in 2019. Each tower has an investment of over $22 million. Tower A will have 147 one and two bedroom apartments. Prices will start at $117,300.

The company chose Costa Rica due to its stable economic reputation, legal security, high levels of education, abundant culture, and market receptive to innovation, in addition to that it is a regional headquarters of many multinationals.

Bad News for Costa Rica Gas Prices? Recope Owes Over $12 Million to ICE

Costa Rica News – Recope has to pay ¢7,000 million (over $12 million) per case to ICE in compensation for damage caused by the late delivery of fuel meant to generate thermal energy.

The court has ordered the company to pay compensation, and has set the amount.

Because of Recope’s inability to deliver the gourmet bunker necessary for thermal generation on time, the use of diesel, a more expensive fuel, was forced. The issue has been in court since 2015.

The compensation relates to judgement 133-2016, based on an economic claim demanded back in March 2015, to cover the cost overrun of having to use diesel in the thermal production centers of Garabito, Orotina and Guápiles.

The fuel delivery days were between February 17, 2013 and April 5, 2013. Since April of last year, the Legal Director of ICE confirmed that when Recope cancels the claim, the money will be returned to customers via rates.

Head to Costa Rica This Winter With A $205 Round-Trip Flight

Costa Rica Travel – If the cooler weather has you feeling down, it may be time to set your sights on a warmer destination. Today, Scott’s Cheap Flights delivered an excellent deal on trips to Costa Rica, which is just a few hours in the air from many U.S. cities.

Travelers can find airfare starting at $205 round-trip from Miami as soon as late October, with travel dates available until June 2018. (Cheap flights are available during Thanksgiving, but Christmas and New Year’s Eve are excluded.)

In addition to Miami, flights can be found from Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. for under $300 round-trip. All flights arrive at San Jose’s Juan Santamaría International Airport.

After landing, travelers can spend their Costa Rica vacation diving with hammerhead sharks, lazing with locals in hot springs, sipping cocktails from a hotel hammock, or hiking through the country’s famous cloud forests.

The affordable fares are available on a number of airlines, including JetBlue and United, as well as regional carriers Copa, Volaris, Aeromexico, and Avianca.

Scott’s Cheap Flights recommends searching for the cheapest travel dates to Costa Rica from your city of origin with Google Flights before booking directly with a site like Momondo, Skyscanner, or KAYAK.

By Melanie Lieberman, Travel & Leisure

Limon Carnival Postponed Due to Tropical Storm Nate

Costa Rica Events – The Limon Carnival is being postponed due to the emergency caused by storm Nate.

The president of this carnival’s commission, Reymond Smith, confirmed that this is being done in respect for and solidarity with the Costa Rican people.

The decision was made Friday morning, at a meeting with the Limon Carnival Commission, Public Force, Ministry of Health, Senasa and the Fire Department.


The dates are changed from October 6-15 to the 11-22.

Since the fairground has already been prepared, the commission decided to carry out just a few of the activities planned for this weekend, such as shows and music, and ask attendees to bring nonperishable food to support those affected by the tropical storm.

The international concert remains scheduled for the 14th. The opening ceremony will be on the 11th.

For the rest of the week, we will see cultural activities, fireworks, parades, exhibitions, concerts, a comedy show, an artistic show, a car show and traditional sports.

Filing Your Income Taxes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – From October 1st to December 15th is the period in which everyone must file income generation forms and verify whether income tax is owed. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

If the company has products that have not been sold during the year and can liquidate them through offers by the end of September, the cost of sales may be included as an expense, reducing the profit on which tax is charged.

Expenses covering months in multiple fiscal periods, such as a six-month insurance policy, may be deferred or split.

The D-151 form is due by November 30.

Be mindful of transactions made in the end of September as you may bill in this fiscal period but receive the income after October 1, generating differences.

Deductible expenses must always be associated with income generation. Trips are not deductible unless for something like a training that will help improve sales.

Deductions may only be made with vouchers authorized by the tax administration. Keep all invoices.

A procedure with a public accountant must be followed in order to include a loss or destruction of inventory.

The penalty for not filing the income tax return on time is ¢213,100.

Trying to Attract Tourists To San Jose Markets in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Three San Jose markets are preparing for a great change.

They will, over some time, become an attractive tourist loop. The circuit for visitors to travel will connect the Borbón, Central and Coca Cola markets.

The idea to refurbish them is part of an ITCR project called Strengthening Territorial Urban Public Management.

Each will be transformed, all the while respecting their history and culture and making sure they don’t end up looking like malls.

They will attract tourists as cultural epicenters where one can eat a local meal and take a part of the country home.

Borbón will get a central lobby and an elevator so as to get more people to the infrequently used second floor. The corridors will be made more accessible and surfaces made uniform. At Coca Cola, the work will be done on the building and the mobility around it.

The Central Market’s updates are still unknown, as there is no budget yet.

Discounts on Vehicles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Discounts from $400 to $3,000 can be expected on 2017 cars as model cars for 2018 arrive.

We are already seeing this with Volkswagen, Chevy and Hyundai. Between October and November, all the other 2018’s are expected.

If you are planning to buy a new car, consider a 2017 instead of the one for next year in order to get the savings as well as other possible other extras and benefits, such as cash back.

Nissan, Subaru and Isuzu are some of the brands that are selling all or part of their 2018 car fleet in these days while still handling their 2017 models.

Some brands keep the same appearance and features in the vehicles for 2017 and 2018.

Banks charge rates based on whether the vehicle is at zero kilometers or not. The interest rates on loans in colones is about 10% and usually remains fixed during the first two years. In dollars, it’s between 6.5% and 7.45%.