Costa Rica Christmas Means Lots of Calories

We’re looking forward to wine, tamales and many other Christmas foods and drinks but who knew that in a single Christmas or New Year’s Eve party one could eat the calories normally consumed in two full days? This can even be doubled in cases when you visit one side of the family for lunch and the other for dinner.

We tend to eat constantly when in a festive mood and engulfed in conversation with other guests. We down a few sweet drinks followed by repeated appetizers and small plates before dinner even begins. Then comes dessert (or a few!) and eggnog. All this can easily add up to 4,000 calories.

This eating behavior is normal during the last weeks of the year. We all put on a few pounds. Just because it’s common, however, doesn’t mean we should accept it. It can have detrimental effects on our health, subjecting our bodies to a stress of sorts. It can cause gastritis, colitis, reflux, and in those with chronic diseases like hypertension or diabetes is can lead to a crisis. One way to avoid eating so much is to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Body Found in Costa Rica Confirmed to be Murdered Tourist Carla Stefaniak

Costa Rica News – The OIJ has been able to confirm, using fingerprints, that the body found near the Le Mas Provence Hotel in San Antonio de Escazú, San José was in fact the missing Venezuelan-American tourist, Carla Stefaniak.

Her disappearance was reported on November 28th. She had been staying at the hotel after a trip in the country and had plans to fly home. The last anyone heard from her was that there was a lot of rain and the electricity had gone out.

The body was located on Monday. The only suspect is a guard of the hotel who gave a testimony found to contradict the facts found on videos. He was arrested at 11 pm on Monday and faces three months of pre-trial detention.

The head of Legal Medicine, Franz Vega, explained that medical legal autopsies in such cases are complex and take time as they must conform to many national and international protocols.

A 32-year-old security guard has been arrested in relation to Stefaniak’s death. That suspect has been named as Bismarck Espinoza Martinez of Nicaragua.

Cooking School in Costa Rica

Sabores La Escuela is a new project committed to offering gastronomic experiences.

The residents of the Escazú area will have access to cooking courses in the building of Contemporary Technological Environments.

Special guests and gastronomy bloggers were part of the inauguration. They saw the various stations of Gourmet Flavors.

Whether one is looking to learn to cook the basics or a special dish or just get out of his everyday routine with an exciting class in a relaxed atmosphere with good music, there is something for everyone at this school.

Mondays will cater to men and on Tuesdays the class will cater to groups of friends while on Wednesdays it’s for couples. Thursday through Saturday will be theme nights. Arrangements can also be made for birthday parties or company outings.

Each night, specialized chefs offer a variety of dishes. Participants can follow the recommendations or use their creativity.

Classes will have various prices and some will even be free. For more information, call 2545-5419.

The Unfortunate Education of Civil Marine Engineering Students in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The University of Costa Rica opened a path of study without the legal backing to allow those who study it to practice. This now leaves 130 students of Civil Marine Engineering unable to graduate although many have completed all their coursework.

It is a scam to the students who have worked very hard.

The deputy of the Citizen Action Party criticizes the university authorities for delays in the international procedures needed. One of the requirements in question is the Convention on Maritime Labor of the International Labor Organization, which has been shelved in the Legislative Assembly since 2013.

The university offered this plan of study and must find a solution for the students. The deputies of the Limón Commission granted the university authorities 15 days to submit a work agenda to obtain the four pending requirements and end the uncertainty.

One option being looked into is working with the embassies of Honduras, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, countries that have all the permits, and allowing the students to graduate in those countries.

The Dangers of Injectable Cosmetics in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – We need to be cautious when using cosmetic products that could have a medical purpose because they are often advertised as cosmetic to avoid having to be authorized by the Ministry of Health.

For example, the products of the PB Serum brand are registered as cosmetics and their intradermal use is not authorized, yet many are being injected with them to burn the fat in the skin and shape the face.

The Directorate of Health has issued a health alert advising the public that they should not use PB Serum as an injectable. This alert was published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health.

The injected use of this product can expose the user to serious risk and even death. There is no certainty regarding the conditions in which they have been manufactured and packaged as there is with approved injectables.

It is recommended that anyone who knows of someone offering this service put in a complaint at

At least five malpractice cases regarding aesthetic surgeries are being investigated. In one, the patient died.

Costa Rica Shipping – Used Electric Cars Have No Taxes

Costa Rica Shipping  Relocation – Today the Government signed Executive Decree 41426-H-MINAE-MOPT, a decree meant to limit the emission of polluting gases. It was signed by the Ministers of Environment and Energy and Public Works and Transport as well as the Minister of Finance and the President.

The decree allows the benefit of importing electric cars without paying taxes to be extended to apply to used cars as well. It also applies to cars with any other technology that makes them emissionless. The cars must be within 5 years from the year of its model.

There is an economic limit of $30,000 for the tax free incentive. This amount does not apply to mass transit options such as buses and trains or freight transportation. The benefit extends to automobiles, motorcycles, cargo transport vehicles, minibuses and buses.

These vehicles will not be subject to vehicle restriction and will be able to use blue parking spaces within parking lots.

Another part of the agreement consists of a mandatory guideline promoting transition to an electric vehicle fleet in the public sector.

Lance Armstrong Has Arrived in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Sports – Disgraced cycling great Lance Armstrong said on Wednesday he was looking forward to competing in a mountain bike race in Costa Rica.

The 47-year-old is serving a lifetime ban from all sports that follow the World Anti-doping Agency’s (WADA) code after he was found to have doped during his seven-year reign as Tour de France champion, titles he has since been stripped of.

The Costa Rican Conquistadores Route is held outside of International Cycling Union (UCI) and WADA jurisdiction, allowing Armstrong to take part at the invitation of organizers.

“We’ll see how it goes, it’s a very difficult race, we’ll go out and try to enjoy ourselves, live this adventure,” said the Texan.

“I’ve been told La Ruta is very tough and I’m not at my best, as a professional cyclist, but I hope to enjoy it a lot and especially to make it to the end.”

The grueling mountain bike race crosses the Central American country from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

Armstrong, who survived testicular cancer before setting up the Livestrong foundation to raise money to fight the disease, spent an hour visiting a children’s cancer shelter in the capital San Jose before meeting reporters.

“I’m very happy to be here in Costa Rica, now I’ve come to meet these kids who are really struggling in life,” he added.

“I had cancer and here I am, alive. They need to have this message.”

The three-day race begins on Thursday.

During his career, Armstrong used powerful performance enhancing drugs and methods including the banned blood-booster EPO and blood transfusions.

He was for many years the face of the sport, both due to his success and the remarkable story of a cancer survivor overcoming the odds to reach the top.

But that was all exposed as a lie when after years of denials, Armstrong finally owned up to his cheating in an interview with popular American chat-show host Oprah Winfrey in early 2013.

From Sport 24

Pet Burial & Cremation in Costa Rica

The loss of a beloved pet can be made a little more bearable by various private companies that offer burial and cremation services for pets.

Many pets are laid to rest in the Animal Garden Cemetery, in Cartago. Marble plates with messages from family members line the garden in Quebradilla de Cartago. The veterinarian in charge dedicates part of an extensive farm for the remains of pets from all over the country. Plants are sown in honor of each pet. Buried there are fish, snakes, parrots, horses, dogs, cats, and a goat.

Tierras Enamoradas Hotel also dedicates an area for burying pets. They hand paint stones to remember each pet. It’s an open space where the family can visit the grave at any time.

Another option is cremation service, offered by Plaza Mascotas and Silencio y Paz. The family has the option to take the ashes home in an urn to keep the pet with the family in a way.

Saying goodbye in a sensitive ritual can make a difference in how we handle the pain. Showing our companions respect and love in their final resting place brings comfort to families. Such rituals allow us to honor the company, coexistence and love of our pets.

Here are the phone numbers for the services mentioned:

Garden Animal Cemetery: 8359-0202
Lands in Love: 2447-9331
Plaza Mascotas: 8990-8655
Silencio y Paz: 2260-5543

Microblading by Miss Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Elena Correa, Miss Costa Rica 2017, will perform free microblading at Biofem beauty center for patients who lost their eyebrows after chemotherapy. Two dates will be made available.

Her beauty center was inaugurated in the beginning of August. One of her initiatives is to do works for social good. On October 23, the service of this type of semi-permanent tattoo on eyebrows with a natural finish will be made available to breast cancer survivors. She realizes the painful process to recover and wants to help a bit.

Specialists Johanna Pérez and Carolina López will donate their work. November 8th will be the second date and will be open to women who have overcome other types of cancer.

To participate, the patient must bring proof that they have overcome the cancer and been discharged from chemotherapy. This is to ensure their health. The payment required is just a smile.

To reserve an appointment, contact 7083-0388.

Costa Rican Natalia Álvarez Joins ESPN

Costa Rica News – Natalia Álvarez celebrates her 30th birthday with signing a contract for ESPN as a sports journalist. This dream job is perfect for her, one of the most recognized communicators in Costa Rica. She will head to Mexico for the position.

She started with Teletica Deportes in 2013 and stood out for her effort and knowledge. She started knowing just the basics but put in a lot of time studying. It paid off.

She’s now just days away from her move to Mexico to cover sports in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

She’s very happy to have found her passion, saying that finding what you like is a treasure. She’s thankful for the opportunity to be part of the team she’s joining and eager to start the job.

Her priority is work and continuing to develop professionally.

She plans to visit her family on some weekends. She enjoys having coffee with her mom and going out dancing with her cousins.