Cost of Private School in Costa Rica

The monthly fees in Costa Rican private schools are very high, ranging from ¢200,000 to ¢400,000 (higher than the average salary!).

A fair of private schools was held at the National Stadium this Saturday. 15 educational centers participated.

Parents got to see options for kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools to fit various needs their children might have. The main questions parents asked were about tuition, language offerings and teaching methods.

Some of the schools offer added benefits like sports equipment, swimming pools, gyms, computer rooms, robotics labs and special workshops. In the case of babies, early stimulation is offered. Languages offered include English, French and German.

Humboldt High School offers an additional year in which one can leave with the German high school certificate, opening up many opportunities in Europe. Students can also do an exchange program in Germany.

The Nuestra Senora de Sion School offers intensive English and students can be certified in Microsoft and Computer Security.

Canopy Patent Versus Canopy Tour Operators in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Canatur is to ask judges to clarify the validity of the Canopy patent that was granted to Canadian Darren Hreniuk in 1998.

According to a resolution of the Board of Cassation, it expired in October 2010 and had been suspended for years due to judicial proceedings.

The Canadian insists that he will ask for the closure of companies operating a canopy tour without his permission. Over 100 companies in Costa Rica offer Canopy among their activities.

The president of the National Chamber of Tourism explains that, after a meeting of businessmen and legal advisers, a series of judicial and registry measures have been defined in order to stop the collection of royalties claimed by the Canadian.

The Canadian hopes to reach an agreement that allows operators to continue working and modernize the activity in the country.

He will ask the government to grant operating permits requiring proof of authorization to operate granted by the owner of the patent.

Ed Sheeran Coming In Concert in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Ed Sheeran, one of my favorite artists, is coming to Costa Rica to give his first concert in the country.

This English pop singer-songwriter has captured the hearts of Costa Rican fans with his honest songs and musical talent.

June 6th is the date so get your tickets quickly. Many locals know his songs word for word and will be there singing and dancing along.

Even new fans have memorized “Shape Of You,” the song that was played on just about every radio station every five minutes.

Sheeran has three hit albums out and he holds the number 1 spot on the top 40 list that 104.3 has out.

He was invited for part of Taylor Swift’s tour, gaining him even more fame. He had the logo of his third album tattooed on his arm.

Ed Sheeran grew up in a small town and humbly explains how difficult it was to make it to the top.

He attributes his start to songwriter Damien Rice, who gave him five minutes of his time in a supermarket.

Costa Rica’s Low Rates for Death’s By Chronic Illness

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is the Latin American country with the fewest premature deaths due to chronic illnesses.

The risk of dying before age 70 of heart disease or cancer is just 11.1%, whereas the world average is 18.8%.

The country is second best in all of the Americas with this figure, being beaten only by Canada. It also ranks 19th best in the whole world.

The best is Iceland and the worst are New Guinea and Turkmenistan.

Costa Rica actually lists chronic diseases as the leading cause of death, claiming 83% of the deaths, but nine out of ten of these deaths occur in those over age 75 which makes them considered natural deaths.

Costa Rica gives everyone medical coverage. There are not cases in which insurance runs out or someone is turned away because of a preexisting condition. This leads to better treatment of chronic diseases.

The country also offers services like nutrition counseling and exercise programs in communities.

The National Theater of Costa Rica To Be Featured on Television

Costa Rica News – The National Theater of Costa Rica is being featured in a TV series along with six other theaters of the region.

The documentary is called National Theaters and will be transmitted by Canal Trece and Canal UCR on May 22nd at 8:30 pm.

The series will feature the theaters of Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Our theater will soon celebrate 120 years since its inauguration.

The team that produced the work is multicultural and multinational. National Theaters is the first of 13 episodes of cultural interest produced by the Iberoamerican Educational and Cultural Television team.

The second episode in the series will feature protected natural areas in each country and the third will be about migratory processes within the region.

There is a work team in each country.

Best Job Ever? Move to Costa Rica & Become a ‘Parrot Ambassador’

Costa Rica News – If you’re lucky, you get to spend a week at the organisation of your dreams twiddling your thumbs, furtively checking Facebook, sending one and a half emails a day and fetching tea for people who will never, ever know or care that they’re saying your name wrong.

But if you’re really lucky, you could up sticks to Costa Rica and become one with nature.

Travel firm HolidayPirates and the World Parrot Trust are looking for an ornithophile who will dedicate themselves to the protection of the species, in a unique tropical experience worth over 2,000 (£1,697).

Instead of slowly dying of boredom and fear in an office, your daily routine would involve feeding the parrots in the morning, surfing until lunch time, bird-watching in the tropical rainforest in the afternoon, and enjoying the sunset on the beach in the evening.

Alright for some.

In August, the best applicant will spend one month in Punta Islita, a Pacific paradise on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, as part of the Ara Project, which promotes the protection and preservation of parrots.

The lucky winner will work with conservationists for four weeks, looking after macaws, updating the charity’s blog and posting envy-inducing videos of you getting to know the local birds.

Maybe you’re passionate about conservation, or you’re thinking about working with animals.

Maybe you’re fleeing the country and need to lay low for a while.

Whatever your reason, hopeful Parrot Ambassadors need to submit upload a video to Youtube explaining why they are the best person for the job.

The videos will be judged by a panel of experts, who will post the shortlisted videos on the travel company’s website later this month. Users of the site will be able to officially vote for their favourites, and decide who should make it into the final top-three. From there, the judges will pick a winner.

Last year’s winner Lisa said her four weeks with the Ara Project was ‘one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life!’

According to a post on HolidayPirates’ website, Lisa said that ‘not only do you fly to the other side of the world and get the chance to learn a lot about their land and culture – but also the experience of helping something that matters.’

‘It’s a great feeling to know that you can contribute to the conservation of the birds and get closer to the goal every day. In addition to working and living in Costa Rica’s “jungle”, you can meet many nice people from all over the world, get the chance to see a lot of animal and insect species and can often spend a day at the beach (and learn to surf).’

Applications for this year’s adventure closed this week, but there’s always next year…

Keep your eye on the website for more announcements like this.

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Tigo Faces $500,000 Lawsuit for Released Audio of Customer

Costa Ricca News – Eugenia Cartin, last month, described being harassed following the release of the audio of her call to Tigo’s customer service on social networks.

She officially presented a civil suit against Tigo on Friday.

The suit calls for $500,000 for moral damages and material damage. The translator also filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office to establish those responsible for putting the recording on social networks.

Tigo stated in a press release that it will not refer “to the merits of the interposed lawsuit.” Tigo did reach out to apologize to Ms. Cartin but now refers all questions to its lawyers.

The woman’s first intention is for Tigo and other companies to learn to respect their customers.

She understands why calls must be recorded but they should never reach social networks.

Costa Rica’s School Made of Bamboo

Costa Rica News – In Osa, a school made of bamboo has been raised in the middle of the forest.

The school aims to teach 50 children about much more than mathematics and Spanish.

It will also  them environmental values.

The material is all harvested from the area. It is resistant and versatile. It is especially suitable for warm humid weather as it does not accumulate heat and it does favor natural ventilation.

The school measures 500 square meters which will include two classrooms, health services, a dining room and other multipurpose spaces.

The electricity will be provided by solar panels and rainwater will be used.

The project costs ¢148 million and was financed by the Institute of Rural Development. It coordinated with the Ministry of Public Education.

The construction should be finished in May.

Justin Bieber “Appearance” in Costa Rica Causes Mahem

Costa Rica News – Multiplaza Escazu became a madhouse Sunday night when mall shoppers noticed that “Justin Bieber” was among them.

A young woman in sweater, hat and sunglasses accompanied by two burly bodyguards ignited the madness.

However, what seemed like a dream fulfilled for many Tico fans, turned out to be a prank.

The well-known YouTuber, Krizz Solano, who is known for imitating “the Bieb” was the person many mistook for the Canadian singer and songwriter.

“I’ve always been a fan…I saw of pranks that people do in countries like in the United States and Europe when he (Beiber) will be in concert. That was my motivation to do it,” Krizz mentioned.

To make the prank credible, Krizz, her manager Juan José Fonseca and the entire production team came up with the plan some months ago.

“We got bodyguards and a car like the one he (Justin) uses. We put up some kids to say it was Justin and the frenzy started,” said Juan José.

The result was overwhelming. Krizz never thought that hundredse would crowd together to have their “idol” close at hand.

“We entered two stores. While I was in the first one people noticed what was happening and from outside they screamed and even cried. There were people of all ages,” Krizz said.

When more and more people arrived, the mall’s security made a security curtain so that “Justin” was unharmed. Leaving the mall fans yanked the dark glasses and cap she wore.

“I know a lot of people did not like this, but it turned out superb, I never thought it would be like this. I feared for my life when I left the place, we did not think it would be at that level,” Krizz said.

The YouTuber asked fellow Bieber fans ‘not to take it so serious’.

“I tell people to take it easy, everybody pulls pranks…it was a joke…they took it so seriously…,” said Krizz.

The real Justin Beiber will be at the National Stadium in La Sabana tonight (Monday), starting at 7:00pm.

And so will Krizz.

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Costa Rica Welcomes 5 New Casual Dining Restaurants in the First Quarter of 2017

Costa Rica Food & Dining – The Costa Rican gastronomic offer has been strengthened during this first quarter by the arrival of five new casual restaurants. SantaKalaka, Nacionsushi, Porto 8 Premium Seafood, Lizarran and 100 Montaditos are new to our market.

Despite having just months on the market, they are already considering expansion. That shows we like to have these new options and frequent them and that the companies are making their concepts attractive to Ticos.

Porto 8 opened in Plaza Templo, Escazu, a resort. It made an investment of $350,000 and hired 15 people.

Lizarran was inaugurated in Plaza Real, Alajuela in January. It has not provided investment and employment data. It does, however, plan to open 70 international points this year.

After Lizarran, a second Spanish franchise arrived. It’s called 100 montaditos. It hired 30 people and has a capacity for 298 people in the Terrazas Lindora commercial complex in Santa Ana.

Another was the Panamanian franchise Nacionsushi. It began by investing $600,000 and hiring 25 for its first location in Escazu Village.

Lastly, we have Santa Kalaka opened last month at Multiplaza Escazu, with an investment of $320,000 and hired 16 employees. It’s a taqueria created by Mexican investors.